Rahniya’s eczema had been worsening and her allergies were out of control – dogs, cats, grass … harvest season was tough. We took her to an allergy specialist, where it was determined we would start weekly allergy shots. So just before Rahniya turned six, we began our weekly appointments for her shots at the Cherokee Regional Clinic in Aurelia. In such a small town, you wouldn’t expect the amazing treatment we have received. Traci (Hagen) and her team have gone above and beyond to make this last year of shots comfortable for Rahniya. They are always patient with her and genuinely care about her. They’ve made her feel so special, from sticker boards and prizes for doing so well. We’ll never go anywhere else! As an almost-seven-year-old who gets weekly shots, she’s still excited to come see the gals at the Aurelia Medical Clinic.

-Rahniya’s mother, Katee Dean

Rahniya and Traci
Rahniya shows off her sticker board with Traci Hagen, ARNP