2020 Trees of Light

Cherokee Regional Medical Center Hospice will once again have lighted Christmas Trees in Cherokee, Aurelia, Holstein and Marcus during the holiday season. These trees are a special way of remembering your friends and loved ones.

You can help light the trees through a tax-deductible donation of any size to Cherokee Regional Medical Center Hospice. The money raised through this holiday tradition is used to help our Hospice continue to serve those facing life-limiting illnesses in this area. The trees will be lit until December 31st, and your support is greatly appreciated.

This year's ceremony will be held virtually due to COVID-19. Visit this page or the Cherokee Regional Medical Center Facebook Page for a special Hospice Trees of Light event on Tuesday, December 1st, 2020 at 6:30pm.


Submitting your loved one's photo and release

Each year, Cherokee Regional Medical Center Hospice sponsors the Trees of Light Memorial Service to remember the hospice patients served over the past year. As part of the event, a tribute is presented in the form of a slide show including pictures of our patients.

Please submit a favorite photo or two of your loved one by either:
  1. Mailing them to CRMC Hospice, 300 Sioux Valley Drive, Cherokee, Iowa 51012
  2. Emailing them to lkay@cherokeermc.org
  3. Giving permission for download from the funeral home website


Please fill out this consent form and check how you plan to submit your photo or if you do not wish to participate. Sign, date and return the consent form by November 23rd, 2020. Pictures that are mailed will be returned.


Donate to Hospice

Your donation is sincerely appreciated and will be used to serve CRMC Hospice patients in our area. Click here for the Trees of Light Donation Form.


Further Questions

Please call 712-225-6459.