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October 23, 2019- For Immediate Release

Cherokee Regional Medical Center Hospice Provides Warmies for Patient Comfort

Cherokee, Iowa – Who knew something as simple as a weighted plush animal could bring so much comfort to patients? Warmies, distributed by Intelex, were recently purchased through donations to Cherokee Regional Medical Center’s Hospice program.

These stuffed animals have shown to improve the overall wellness of patients by reducing anxiety, fidgeting, and agitation. The CRMC Hospice sees the use for Warmies specifically with patients with Dementia for comfort and soothing qualities.

“The Warmies are filled with weighted beads and have a light lavender scent to them which helps to provide a calming effect,” said Tonya Oolman of CRMC’s Hospice Program, “It is nice to have something families and caregivers can use – that is not a medication – to help with reducing anxiety and providing comfort.”

To learn more about programs like this and how to donate, please contact Kent Lundquist, VP of Development and Support Services at Cherokee Regional Medical Center today ( or 712.225.3368, ext. 202).

Marilyn Immele, left, was delighted to be one of the first CRMC Hospice patients to receive a Warmie earlier this year. Presenting Marilyn with the Warmie was CRMC Hospice nurse, Melody Rasmus, RN.

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