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Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab

Cherokee Regional Medical Center’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is a planned exercise and education program designed for patients who have experienced a significant cardiac event. The purpose of the program is to help cardiac patients and their families to resume and improve the quality of life. Patients are referred to the program by their cardiologist or personal physician. Patients come to the program three times a week, with each session lasting about one hour.

The entire session is supervised by cardiac care experienced nurses. It involves three phases that are developed to provide for patients at various stages of cardiac recovery.

Phase I - Inpatient Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation begins when the patient is admitted to the hospital. Phase I includes patient and family education with monitored physical activity. Cherokee Regional Medical Center’s staff is specially trained to provide education and counseling in various areas such as:

1. Heart anatomy and function
2. Coronary risk factor modifications
3. Stress management
4. Healthy eating habits
5. Medication review
6. Exercising properly

Phase II – Outpatient Rehabilitation (4-12 weeks)

Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation is an out-patient program designed to help cardiac patients and their families recover from the physical and emotional effect of a significant cardiac event such as a heart attack, bypass surgery, angioplasty (balloon procedure), or other cardiac illness.

Exercise classes:

1. Advanced Cardiac Life Support personnel are present at all sessions.
2. Each patient follows an individualized program designed just for them.
3. Heart monitored throughout the exercise session.
4. Light upper body weights
5. Warm-up exercises, treadmill, air dyne bicycle, followed by a cool-down.
6. Sessions are three times a week, 60 minutes per session.


1. Individual review of heart disease and risk factor modifications.
2. Review of heart anatomy and function.
3. Learn to set positive lifestyle goals.
4. Exercise properly; learn when to start, and when to stop.
5. Recognize angina pain, and what to do when it happens.
6. Stress relief and medications.
7. Healthy eating habits.
8. Monitoring cholesterol levels.

Phase III – Outpatient Health Maintenance

Phase III Cardiac Rehabilitation is a long-term exercise program monitored by Cardiac Rehab personnel at a minimal charge to patients. This program is designed for patients who have completed Phase II and wish to continue exercising in a monitored environment.

Phase III program includes:

1. Exercise session
2. Individual exercise program
3. Warm-up exercises
4. Light upper body weights
5. Workouts on treadmill or air dyne bicycle
6. Cool down exercises
7. Three times a week, 60 minute sessions
8. Education program in conjunction with the exercise. Program on a weekly basis
9. Establishing a comfort zone to enhance patient’s lifestyle

For more information on the Cardiac Rehab program, please call the Cardiac Rehab Department at Cherokee Regional Medical Center at (712)225-1506.